McMurry University Biology Students Participate in Texas Tech Symposium

  Gary Ellison
  Friday, April 17, 2015 8:22 AM
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Abilene, TX

McMurry University Biology students Kara Black and Mitchell Crittenden participated in the 6th Texas Tech Annual Biological Sciences Symposium (TTABSS). Both Kara and Mitchell presented their senior research projects as oral presentations, competing against six other undergraduates from Texas Tech and Wayland Baptist universities.  Kara’s presentation was entitled, “Antibacterial activity and Chemistry of Five Texas Plant Species.”  Mitchell’s presentation was entitled, “Clarification of the Distribution of the Eastern Mole (Scalopus aquaticus, Talpidae) on the Southern Rolling Plains Region of Texas.”  

Both students represented McMurry well and Kara Black was awarded first place in the Undergraduate category.  Dr. T.J. Boyle and Dr. Joel Brant from the McMurry Biology Department accompanied them to the event.

“It is essential for students to attend and present at scientific meetings.  Science is a dynamic community which primarily communicates via scholarly, peer-reviewed articles and presentations at scientific meetings.  Kara and Mitchell both conducted senior research projects that contributed to the scientific understanding of our natural world,” said Dr. Brant. “By presenting at TTABSS, they have shared their findings with the broader scientific community and advanced the conversation within the scientific community.  Additionally, by presenting their research they have brought broader attention to their capabilities to conduct scientific research as well as the type of research that McMurry University can produce.  In short, by presenting at TTABSS our students have increased scientific knowledge, highlighted their critical thinking and communication capabilities, and represented the high quality research that is fostered by McMurry University.  Everybody wins.”

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