McMurry University student Shawn Foulks Selected to Disney College Program

  Gary Ellison
  Tuesday, April 7, 2015 8:40 AM
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Abilene, TX

McMurry University student Shawn Foulks is getting a chance to do something many college students would love to do - traveling to Orlando, Florida, to spend six months interning at Walt Disney World.

Foulks, a sophomore multimedia/graphic design major from DeSoto, Texas, learned last week that he was selected to participate in the Disney College Program from June 8, 2015 to January 4, 2016.

"When I first applied, I wasn't even promised an interview because it was so many applicants. So I wasn't sure I would be picked, but when I received an online interview and then a phone interview, I knew I was a finalist," said Foulks. "Even then, there are so many applications." He received a confirmation email while checking his phone during a track meet he was participating in for McMurry. "I was so excited I was jumping up and down. My teammates wanted to know what happened."

As a part of the highly-competitive Disney College Program, participants have the opportunity to advance their strengths and interests, meet guests and cast members from around the country and take part in educational opportunities students can't get anywhere else. This truly unique program allows participants to network with leaders, take part in personal and career development classes, and build transferable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, guest service and effective communication. Foulks will be taking college courses while also living and working at the Disney facility.

Foulks is active on campus. In addition to track, he serves as a Resident Assistant, president/founder of the Too Reel Film Club, a member of the Men's Social Club XO and a member of the Campus Activity Board

"This is a great opportunity for me. There were applicants from all over the world who applied for this internship," said Foulks. 

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