McMurry Religious Life to Host Social Awareness Activity

  Gary Ellison
  Tuesday, March 29, 2016 1:54 PM
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Abilene, TX

As part of Social Awareness Week at McMurry University, the McMurry Religious Life group will be passing out “You Matter” bags to be distributed to individuals and non-profit organizations in Abilene. They will be distributing the bags during War Hawk Wednesday on the McMurry quad on March 30.

“You Matter” Bags are filled with essentials and other materials that make it more personal. These bags contain essentials like food and water, hygiene products, simple clothing for warm or cold weather and little things to make it personal, such as journals and stuffed animals 

Student leader Kaitlyn Summers’ vision is to pass out the “You Matter” bags to the McMurry community so that they can actively participate in the outreach aspect of the event . They may give them to people they may know who are in need or keep the bags in their vehicles to distribute to someone they see in need. 

If all the bags are not distributed during the week, they will be donated to a ministry or other agency that could use the bags.  

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