McMurry University’s Science and Math Advisory Board Selects Bloomer and Beasley Research Stipend Recipients

  Gary Ellison
  Thursday, April 21, 2016 10:16 AM
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Abilene, TX

McMurry’s University’s Science and Math Advisory Board recently selected three students to fund with Bloomer and Beasley Research Stipends over the next academic year.

Kirk Hodel will be working with Dr. Tikhon Bykov on small scale wind turbine designs, suitable for home or small business use.  His prototype will be tested on top of the Finch-Gray Science Building on the McMurry campus.

Ryan Pittman will work with Dr. Wayne Keith to create a working circuit for a musical Tesla coil.  Both these projects are funded by the Bloomer Research Stipend.

Payden Dompe will work with Dr. Dana Lee over the summer to use molecular methods to determine genetic relationships among currently recognized subspecies of moles.  It is possible that she will determine that some of the subspecies are genetically different enough to warrant species level recognition, or that some of the subspecies are actually very genetically similar. This project will be funded by the Beasley Research Stipend.

The Charles and Lisa Bloomer Research Stipend is a competitive award honoring the Bloomers which provides funding for science majors to support undergraduate research with a sponsoring faculty member.

The Clark Beasley Summer Research Stipend, which honors former biology professor Dr. Clark Beasley, is a competitive award providing funding for biology, biomedical and life science student to participate in summer research with a biology faculty member.

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