McMurry History Professor Dr. Stephen Hardin Contributes to New Anthology

  Gary Ellison
  Wednesday, August 31, 2016 9:24 AM
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Abilene, TX

Dr. Stephen L. Hardin of the McMurry University history department contributed the lead chapter in a recently published anthology Texan Identities: Moving beyond Myth, Memory, and Fallacy in Texas History edited by Light Townsend Cummins and Mary L. Scheer and published by UNT Press.

“Each contributor to this volume,” the editors explain, “provides in some fashion an answer to seminal questions routinely asked by academic historians and others writing about the history of the state: What does it mean to be Texan?”

Hardin’s offering is titled “Line in the Sand; Lines on the Soul: The Battle of the Alamo in Myth, Memory, and History.” According to Cummins and Scheer, the essay takes “a finely focused view of the Alamo myth by examining some of the smaller, component fallacies that have been perpetuated regarding historical events related to the Alamo story. Some of these fallacies, slow to be corrected, and almost impossible to expunge from public memory, have traditionally composed the building blocks of the larger, all-encompassing, and broad-ideological role the Alamo has played in defining both the Texas and the American identity.”

The volume is currently available in a hardback edition at and will soon be in bookstores.

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