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  Gary Ellison
  Tuesday, August 9, 2016 10:54 AM
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Attached are news items of interest from McMurry University faculty, staff and students.

  • McMurry University Political Science Professor Dr. Tina Bertrand was interviewed recently about the current United Nations Secretary General election process for an article in Dnevnik, the Slovenian national daily newspaper. Slovenia has a candidate being considered for the post.

  • Dr. Pug Parris, McMurry University professor of kinesiology, led staff development for physical educators in Copperas Cove August 8-9. Elementary instructors participated in a six hour workshop on Monday, August 8, entitled “Smiles in the Gym:  Teaching With Fun as a Method.”  Secondary physical educators met on August 9 for “Safety in Sneakerville: Managing Students and Minimizing Risks”. Assisting on the trip was McMurry alumnus Rickey Parris,’73. 
  • McMurry Biology Professor Dr. Anna Saghatelyan presented an oral paper to the section “Biogeography” on the topic “South Texas Plains flora analysis and its comparison to the floras of  Big Bend Region and Edwards Plateau, Texas” at Botany 2016, a joint annual meeting of four major American plant societies with participation of guest speakers from other developed countries. The meeting took place on July, 30 - August 3 in Savanna, GA.

  • McMurry Adjunct Religion Professor Bill Libby recently returned from archaeological work at Khirbet Iskandar, Jordan. The site is located between Madaba and Dibon, on the route of the Exodus in the Old Testament. The location is also near Mt. Nebo, made famous by Moses, and the Dead Sea. This year, Libby worked with supervision and management rather than actually excavating. In addition he accompanied student groups to Machareus (palace fortress built by Herod), to Mt Nebo, to Jerash with its Roman ruins (Gerasa in the New Testament), to the Desert Castles east of Amman on the highway to Iraq, to Petra, the Wadi Rum Bedouin camps, and finally to Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

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