McMurry University Establishes The Center for Community Inclusion

  Gary Ellison
  Thursday, September 8, 2016 11:04 AM
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Abilene, TX

McMurry University has established The Center for Community Inclusion (CCI) beginning this fall to serve McMurry University students, staff and faculty.

“As McMurry University continues to face the pressing demands of the 21st century on higher education, a Center dedicated to the systemic and systematic understanding of issues surrounding diverse populations, institutional heritage, multicultural exposure, internationalization, among others, is of immense importance,” said Dr. Joel Olufowote, who designed the program with McMurry’s Dean of Students Vanessa Roberts-Bryan.

“Moreover, the Center will allow for a dynamic approach and perspective in weaving through the aforementioned issues by offering insight and discussion from a variety of university personnel and students. The CCI should be considered a university “think tank” that is charged with understanding, through research, discussion and innovation, the complexity of issues facing the 21st century student,” he said.

The idea of the CCI, an institutional office dedicated to campus wide understanding of diversity, inclusion and innovation through multiple lenses, has been brewing at McMurry University for a number of years, said Dr. Joel Olufowote. “The bourgeoning commitment to issues the CCI will focus on was validated by President Harper, the Cabinet and the Board of Trustees, through their acceptance, endorsement and initial funding for the Center.”

Dr. Olufowote, of the Political Science Department, and Megan Baldree, Assistant Dean of Students for the First Year, will serve as faculty and staff directors of the Center respectively. The office is housed in the Garrison Campus Center, Room 105.

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