McMurry History Professor Advises State Agency

  Gary Ellison
  Wednesday, October 19, 2016 8:52 AM
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Abilene, TX

Dr. Stephen L. Hardin of the McMurry University History Department was in Austin October 13-14 to consult with staff members of the Texas Historical Commission. He discussed themes, topics, and sites relating to the agency’s proposed Texas Independence mobile tour. Scriptwriters will employ the information when producing two-to-three minute video apps that tourists can access while visiting various historic sites. 

The Texas Independence apps will join those already included in the Commission’s “Texas Time Travel” series. These include: “African-Americans in Texas,” “Hispanic Texans; Journey from Empire to Democracy,” “La Salle Odyssey,” “Red River War of 1874-1875,” and “World War II on the Texas Home Front.” Susan Shore, director of the Texas Heritage Tourism Program, explained, “For the Texas Independence tour, we have the start of a list of potential ways to illustrate stories and we can build on that.”

An expert on the Texas Revolution, Hardin feels a deep commitment to the project. “Lectures and books are fine,” he said, “but increasingly folks don’t have the time to attend lectures or even read books. We must strive to make history accessible to busy people. If they know that learning about the rich and colorful history of our state is as easy as pulling up an app on their I-phones, perhaps they will make the effort. I probably do what I do for a living because when I was a kid my parents took me to the Alamo; it made an enormous impression. Travel is fun, but enlightened travel can change lives.”

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