McMurry University Honors Employees at 2017 Faculty Staff Appreciation Reception

  Gary Ellison
  Wednesday, May 3, 2017 12:48 PM
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Abilene, TX

ABILENE, Texas – McMurry University faculty and staff were honored at the 2017 Faculty Staff Appreciation Reception.

The outstanding faculty member is Dr. Gary Shanafelt, professor of history. Dr. Shanafelt joined the McMurry faculty in August 1981. Dr. Shanafelt was recognized for his excellent teaching skills and knowledge. Over the years he has served on numerous committees and in faculty leadership roles – and has tirelessly maintained the accuracy of the faculty handbook and constitution. Additionally, he is a wonderful supporter of McMurry’s activities – included attendances at plays, concerts, lectures, and athletic events.

The outstanding administrator is Sam Ferguson, director of athletics. Ferguson joined the McMurry staff in April 2014. In addition to his many duties as director of athletic, Ferguson also was the driving force behind McMurry’s commitment to fielding a softball team in 2017. He actively volunteers at the city’s Adaptive Recreation program and all the McMurry Serves events. 

The outstanding staff member is Scott Bowden. He joined the McMurry staff in June 2008 and serves as a maintenance technician, specializing in heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair for the University. Bowden was lauded for his “can do” attitude and great customer service.

The Exemplary Service Awards this year were presented to Karen Freeland, academic advising coordinator, and the McMurry Human Resources office.

Freeland specializes in working with military and veterans, the McMurry Online Degrees program and the Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing in addition to her other advising duties. The Human Resources office, consisting of Lecia Hughes, Barbara Havard and Renee Scott, has been instrumental in developing new initiatives using technology in order to improve access and efficiency for employees and the department.

Faculty and Staff receiving service awards include:   

5 years:

Dave Beyer                                        

Debra Hulse                

Dr. Elizabeth Ducey Moss 

Timothy Dunn                    

Karen Freeland                  

Dr. David Robinson                          

10 years:             

Dr. Larry Bonds                  

Dr. Jose Gomez                  

Kellie Merritt                     

Frank Owens                      

Dr. Larry Sharp    

Nancy Smith                                     

Jay Spencer                                       

Mike Stephens                   

Dr. Mark Waters                

15 years:             

Dr. Kathy Flores                 

Sandy Lane                                        

Dr. Paul Pyenta                  

20 years:             

Dr. Richard McLamore      

Dr. Janet McMurray          

Linda Price                                         

Dr. Alicia Wyatt                                

25 years:  

Kathie Walker Millar        

35 years:             

Barbara Havard                 

Mark Odom                                      

Ann Liprie Spence                                         

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