McMurry Athletics Approved for Final Step of NCAA III Reclassification Process

  Dave Beyer
  Friday, July 7, 2017 9:38 AM
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Abilene, TX

McMurry University Athletics has been notified that it has advanced to the fourth and final year of the reclassification process to full Division III membership in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

The NCAA Division III Membership Committee notified McMurry, in a letter dated July 3, 2017, that the national governing body had advanced the school to the final step of the four-year process after completing all of its year-three requirements during the 2016-17 academic year. Officially, year four will begin for McMurry on September 1, 2017.

The notification is even more exciting for the War Hawks’ program in that it now means that after completing the final year requirements during 2017-18, its teams and athletes would once again be eligible for NCAA III post-season play and honors starting with the 2018-19 campaign. McMurry would also be able to compete in American Southwest Conference (ASC) championship tournaments once again, as well

"We are excited about this great news from the NCAA membership committee," McMurry Director of Athletics Sam Ferguson said. "Advancing to year four of the reclassification process is an affirmation from the NCAA that our department is offering a scholar-athlete experience that supports the Division III philosophy."

"We celebrated an abundance of academic success, we were engaged in the community, and we enjoyed a successful year from a competitive standpoint. Our coaches and staff are committed to 'Developing Champions for Life' and I am proud of their work, which has led us to the final reclassifying stage. The War Hawks are anxious to compete for NCAA Championships in the very near future."

McMurry's returning scholar-athletes who will be sophomores and juniors this coming fall, as well as the incoming freshman recruiting class, would be the first War Hawks competing with the NCAA post-season as a goal since 2012. After the spring of 2012, McMurry's athletics programs attempted a move to NCAA Division II status, before a decision was made that the NCAA III profile is what best fit the mission and philosophy of the university, prompting a return Division III and the ASC.

"It is a deliberate and detailed process to enter NCAA Division III membership, and McMurry University -- from President Sandra Harper and the Board of Trustees to the athletics administration, coaches and student-athletes -- are commended for developing and successfully executing its plan to resume Division III affiliation," ASC Commissioner Amy Carlton said. "The American Southwest Conference members join with McMurry in its celebration of reaching the final step in reclassification and looks forward to summer 2018 and announcing the University's full Division III membership."

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