McMurry Signs Agreement with Hunan University of Arts and Science

  Gary Ellison
  Friday, December 15, 2017 1:15 PM
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Abilene, TX

McMurry University and Hunan University of the Arts and Science have signed an articulation agreement that creates a "Three-Plus-One" degree program in Graphic Design. The agreement allows Hunan University students to study for three years in their home country of China, and then complete their final year at McMurry University. 

“Internationalizing our curriculum, seeking ways to ensure that domestic and international students learn from each other and developing additional study abroad opportunities is a major goal in McMurry’s strategic plan as the University approaches its centennial celebration in 2023,” said McMurry University President Dr. Sandra S. Harper. “This agreement solidifies that commitment to giving our students access to international study opportunities both on campus and around the world.”

Hunan University of Arts and Science (HUAS), a multidisciplinary university with a history of over 50 years, is located in Changde City, in the northwest of Hunan province. HUAS consists of 17 departments and offers 41 specialties for bachelor degrees, such as Literature & History, Law, Foreign Languages, Mathematics and Computing Science, Economics and Management, Resources, Travel and Environment, Music and Fine Arts. It currently has an enrollment of over 20,000 full-time students around China, and offers well-equipped teaching buildings and lodging houses for international students to live and study.

“This collaboration is the first phase in what we anticipate will be a strong and expanding relationship with Hunan University,” Dr. Harper said


Hunan University President Dr. Long Xian Zhong and McMurry University President Dr. Sandra S. Harper sign the formal agreement during a ceremony at McMurry on Thursday, December 14.

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