Frazier Offers Course to Public

  Alaisha Montanez
  Monday, August 13, 2018 5:00 PM
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Abilene, TX

Award-winning author, educator, and raconteur Dr. Donald S. Frazier, professor of History at McMurry University, is inviting the public to participate in an eight-week course this fall titled The Civil War and Reconstruction. 

Classes will meet on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the Cooke Classroom Building, Room 105. The eight-week course begins August 27 and concludes October 18. 

“Some people may be put off by such an aggressive teaching schedule, but I will break up the lectures with some first-class documentaries, and some clips from my appearances on Fox News Channel’s Legends and Lies: Season Three, The Civil War,” Frazier said. “I will keep it moving.” 

Frazier remarked that this class, with a deep discussion of slavery, secession, and the nature of American Federalism, is remarkably relevant now. 

“The election of 2016, which brought about threats of disunion from California, and a drumbeat of resentment against the Electoral College, sound to me like echoes of the 1850s. Instead of ‘never Trump,’ the Confederacy was led by the ‘never Lincoln’ crowd,” said Frazier. “Throw in lingering issues over race in America, and you’ve got an action-packed eight weeks ahead of you.” 

Professor Frazier, with twenty-five years’ experience at McMurry University, is the author of a half-dozen works on the American Civil War in Texas and Louisiana and is in demand as a commentator on history related documentaries. The Don Frazier Channel, on YouTube and Sound Cloud, is an ever-growing body of work available to the public with videos, blogs, and audio clips on a variety of history subjects. 

“I love this class,” said Frazier. “Who knew that all this history material would continue to be relevant well into the digital age.”

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