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Each year, the National Model United Nations (NMUN) invites universities and colleges from all over the world for a week-long conference. During the conference, each school represents a country and serves as that country’s delegation in a simulation of a United Nations’ session. Students acting as delegates tackle real-world issues and draft resolutions to help solve these issues in specialized committees.

While the conference is held annually in New York every Spring, a select number of schools are chosen to participate in a Global NMUN conference held somewhere in the world, and this year our own McMurry University Model UN was chosen to represent Argentina in the conference, with this year’s focus being “Sustainable Development.” McMurry students participating are:

Martha Chace (Senior) English Major/Biology Minor from Clovis, New Mexico. Martha’s committee will be focused on The Status of Women

Joshua Brooks (Junior) Biochemistry Major from Abilene, Texas. Josh’s committee will be focused on Science and Technology for Development

Kenna Cornelius (Senior) Life Science Major/ Chemistry Minor from Coleman, Texas. Kenna’s committee will be focused on methods for Sustainable Development

Quinten Smith (Senior) English Major/ Education Minor from San Antonio, Texas. Quinten’s committee will be focused on Population and Development will be taking four student representatives to the conference.

Here is their first update:

Arrival in Quito on Friday: Josh + customs = long wait for the rest of the group! ;-) First day in Quito was spent exploring the city. We visited many historical spots and learned much of the rich history of Ecuador. We woke up at 4 am Sunday to catch our flight to San Cristobal. What an Eden! The hotel is an eco-establishment, and we discovered what that means this Monday morning! Water was shut off some time during the night, which was a rude awakening for some students at 6 am, when everyone started to get ready for a long day in committee. What a unique experience for students who are grappling with environmental issues at this conference! Now they can truly empathize with those living in less developed countries who fight constantly for access to any water, let alone fresh, potable water! I suspect our students now have a deeper appreciation for the riches that we have (and take for granted) in the US.

We will post new updates as they are received.