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ABILENE, Texas – Dr. Jerry W. Hollingsworth, Associate Professor of Sociology at McMurry University, recently signed a publishing contract with Cambridge Scholars Publishing in England for his second book, Social Problems of Children in Sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Hollingsworth worked in West Africa as an ethnographer in 2008, researching several key areas involving children. He worked in several orphanages across Ghana, West Africa, documenting conditions of several facilities and examining developmental factors of orphans in those facilities.

Hollingsworth also interviewed street children in Western Africa, as well as those engaged in child labor situations. In this book, Hollingsworth also addresses other major topics such as the lack of education for children in Africa, as well as how the AIDS epidemic is affecting the treatment of children there. The book also includes information on child soldiering and child sexual slavery in Africa.

Hollingsworth’s first book, Children of the Sun: an Ethnographic Study of the Street Children of Latin America was also published by Cambridge in 2008 and concentrated on the street children of Latin America, specifically in Mexico and Peru.