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McMurry University students are ready to launch a social media campaign as a field experience in the Information and Communication Technologies class, taught by Dr. Alicia Wyatt.

Sixteen students, divided into four teams, will launch five separate campaigns on behalf of our Java City restaurant.  The first week will be devoted to boosting awareness of the Java City Facebook page, with a goal of doubling the number of customer “likes”.  The first campaign, just in time for Valentine’s Day, features muffins and pastries.  After that, product spotlights will be on Javalanches, drip and specialty coffees, and fruit smoothies.

Students will be administering the Java City Facebook page and posting photos, video, and text.  Each team will be watching engagement data to identify what type of content resonates with their customer base.  They will be responsible for promoting deals approved by Aramark Manager Andy Fisher, and analyzing sales figures as well as online activity to determine the return on investment.

We are looking forward to an exciting 6 weeks!  Watch for it!