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On Feb. 27, McMurry University will join nearly 100 educational institutions worldwide to participate in the National Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day. The initiative, organized by CASE Affiliated Student Advancement Programs, is designed to increase student understanding of philanthropy and grow engagement on campuses.

Throughout the day, the McMurry Student Foundation members will be recognizing McMurry alumni and friends who support the institution. Between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm members will be positioned inside the Campus Center with thank you cards for students to sign in appreciate of donor support, while handing out tee shirts and refreshments. During that time, a videographer will be recording the action as well as asking students to say thank you on camera for a video that will be sent to all alumni and donors.

Furthermore, to embrace the spirit of philanthropy, the McMurry Student Foundation will be donating $1,200.00 to McMurry University from their fundraising efforts. The organization has proposed four options for how the funds will be utilized and the student body will have the opportunity to voice where they think funding would be most effective by a vote that will be available at the campus center as well as online through McMurry’s learning systems.

“We want our students to be able to thank those who have made it possible for them to attend McMurry, and we want them to see that they can help other students coming after them.  They are the next generation of donors.” says Samantha Shaffer, President of the McMurry Student Foundation.

For more information, please contact: Jackie Jackson; Advisor, McMurry Student Foundation at 325.793.4983.