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ABILENE, Texas – McMurry University will celebrate the Easter season with a number of special events and activities through World Village and Holy Week from March 22-27. McMurry students and others will be camping out each night in the World Village at Wah Wahtaysee Park. They will be recruiting donors to raise funds for mission trips this summer. The donors will give a specific amount of money for each night the student camper stays in the village.

Students also will be soliciting donations at the corner of S.14th and Sayles Blvd. during the week to raise money for mission trips.

“This event is a unique opportunity during the spring semester for social clubs, regular clubs, faculty, and students to bond together and bring about a small piece of change. We aren’t solely trying to raise money (although that is important, as well), we are seeking to raise awareness to students and Abilene about the world outside our backdoors,” said event organizer Martha Chace. “Basically, we wish to unite McMurry around Mark 16:15: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

“The more people who are excited about it, the more who will help bring about change. God called us to be in relationship with one another, so when we camp out, we are participating in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the globe, but more than that, we are doing it together, in community,” said Chace.

Events scheduled for the week include:

3/22: Singer/songwriter Open Mic night competition judged by local music professionals. The winner will receive a prize. There will be drinks provided by Aldersgate UMC and snacks provided by AYA for sale (8:00 p.m.)

3/23: Religious Life teams with the English club to host a Read-a-thon from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. They will be reading The Wizard of Oz. The group chose the book because the story is about finding a home. “Dorothy has to find her home, Kansas, and we are going to be working o our mission trips to provide people with homes, said Chace.

Readers are invited to come and take a turn reading (if someone is reading, we ask they be sponsored like Relay for Life). The group is also asking families from the community to participate. Donations will be collected for Habitat for Humanity.

3/24: Palm Sunday evening service lead by Kyle Watson (6 p.m.)

3/25: Passover simulation service lead by Arie Katzen (8 p.m.)

3/26: Easter Egg Hunt and Block Party with Residence Life, RLC, and CAB beginning at 5:30 p.m.

3/27: Stations with local youth and students to talk about Africa, Haiti, and India (6 p.m.). The children will be able to participate in stations of Haiti, India, and Africa. Each “station” will be a tent with things correlating to each country.

3/28: Sunrise Devotional (9 a.m.)

Reflecting on her own experience with World Village, Chase said “Personally, from the past two years we have been doing this, I have met friends I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ve been in contact with the other universities trying to get them excited too and I have met lovely people from it,”

“I’ve also had the opportunity to grow closer with people at McMurry. It’s been a great growth experience for me—teaching me how to serve and how to lead holistically. I can only hope it will continue to do the same for others. After we graduate, we are giving the direction of World Village to two very capable girls, Mackenzie Corbett and Kirsten Mauritsen. They have been a tremendous help this year.”