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ABILENE, Texas – Attached are news items of interest from McMurry University faculty, staff and students.

McMurry University student Taylor G. Smith, has been awarded a full tuition scholarship by the Galilee International Institute (Nahalal, Israel) to attend the 4 week graduate level course “History and Politics of the Middle East.” He will spend the month of July in formal classes as well as travel to various sites. His classmates there will include students from various countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe, as well as several from the United States and Canada.
McMurry University English Professor Ann Marie Lopez is presenting a paper on a panel at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in St. Louis, MO, Friday, March 23. The title of the panel is “Honoring Their Histories, Their Goals, and Their Literacies: Discussions on Basic Writing Students’ ‘Readiness.'” The title of my paper is “Writing Like We Speak: An Analysis of Basic Writers Inclusion of Spoken Discourse Markers in Academic Texts.”
McMurry University History Professor Dr. Don Frazier taught a one-day teachers workshop at Region 19 Education Service Center in Midland sponsored by Humanities Texas. The workshop studied major aspects of 19th century U.S. history, such as slavery, secession, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. Special emphasis was placed on newly added or revised standards in the state’s U.S. history curriculum.
McMurry University Sociology Professor Dr. Jerry Hollingsworth has been invited to participate in the National Championship 24-hour race in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in October. Hollingsworth finished in the top 20 in the Oklahoma Ultrarunning Championships this past October by running 62 miles. This year’s event will include runners from around the world.
McMurry University Religion Professor Dr. Philip LeMasters has published “Orthodox Perspectives in the Americas and Western Europe on the Invasion of Iraq,” in Just Peace: Orthodox Perspectives (Geneva: WCC Publications, 2012), S. Asfaw, A. Chehadeh, and M. Simion, eds. He presented the essay at a conference sponsored by the World Council of Churches in Bucharest, Romania, in 2010.