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The McMurry University yearbook for 2011-12, the Talon (formerly named the Totem) will be available in August 2012.

McMurry University will provide a CD-version of the Talon free-of-charge to any student who reserves a copy. Due to the high cost of printing, many universities no longer provide a printed yearbook; however, we will still provide a printed version of the Talon, but only for students who have per-ordered and paid for theirs in advance. For clarification, students are not automatically assessed a yearbook fee when they register for classes. You must go to the Business Office and place an order indicating that you would like to receive a copy. The printed version may be ordered at a cost of $50 per copy. (This is a significant discount for students, since the $50 only covers the cost of printing; the university underwrites the cost of photography, layout and design, and shipping.)

To order your issue of the Talon in either the CD version or the print version, go to the Business Office and complete an order form by no later than May 4th. If you desire a print version, you must submit payment with your order form. If you have questions, you may contact Gary Ellison at 325-793-4610. Best wishes for a great ending to your 2011-12 school year.