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The Education Deans of Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (EDICUT) have named Ryan Gattis as McMurry University’s Student of the Year.  To qualify for the award, students must maintain a high G.P.A. and demonstrate leadership on campus and in the community.  They must exhibit personal attributes associated with outstanding character and a commitment to teaching excellence.

Ryan is a member of Chi Omicron where he has served as President, Vice-President and Treasurer.  He worked as a tutor in the Academic Enrichment Center at McMurry University and was named Sweetheart of T.I.P. social club.  He maintained a high G.P.A. while at McMurry and has been on the Dean’s list for the last seven semesters.  He has demonstrated a strong work ethic, outstanding class attendance, and an excellent record of volunteerism.  He has volunteered at Disabilities Resources, Incorporated and tutors math students at Abilene High School.  He has been named Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges and the Breakfast Optimist Club Outstanding Youth of Our City.

He has recently been nominated for Exceptional Teacher Candidate in Texas, a recognition of teacher quality, which is sponsored each year for the Center for Research, Evaluation and Advancement of Teacher Education (CREATE) and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

He is a member of the Kappa Mu Epsilon Math Honor Society. Other recognitions include leadership awards from Chi Omicron and being named Outstanding Junior Math Major at McMurry.  Ryan will be employed by Hawkins ISD in Hawkins, Texas.