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McMurry University faculty and staff were honored at the Spring 2014 Faculty Staff Appreciation Luncheon.      

The Outstanding Faculty member is Dr. Mark Waters. He came to McMurry in 2000 as an adjunct professor and began full time duties in 2007. He serves as Associate Professor of Servant Leadership, Associate Professor of Religion, and Director of The Center for Global Leadership.

       The Outstanding Staff member is Melanie Long, who joined the McMurry staff in 2001 and serves as administrative assistant for the School of Arts and Letters.

     The Outstanding Administrator is Dr. Paul Fabrizio, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Political Science. He joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in August 1996. He became dean of Social Sciences and Religion in 2007 and became VPAA in January, 2010.

       Receiving an Exemplary Service Award this year was Renee Scott, who works in Accounts Payable and as a Human Resource Assistant.

Faculty and Staff receiving service awards include:  

5 years:

Nick Barton        

Jason Feltz                                                                                                                         

Steve Hardin                                     

Greg Harrod                                      

Robert Maberry                                              

Nancy Patrick                                    

Kendall Roberson                           

Carl Scott                                                            

Bryan Stewart                                  

Keith Waddle                                                                                    

David Wallis                                       

Elizabeth “Muffy” Watson                 

10 years:                             

Chris Andrews                                  

Vanessa Roberts Bryan                                                

Tikhon Bykov                                                                                                                    

James Greer                                     

John Miller                                         

Michael O’Brien                                               

Brad Parris                                         

Anna Saghatelyan                           

Paul Smith                                          

Kathy Speegle                                  

15 years:                             

Bev Ball                                                                                                                                               

Tina Bertrand                                    

Carrie Copeland                                               

Sam Corbett                                      

Debbie Ford                                      

Jeff Kinlaw                                         

Brad Poorman                                  


20 years:                             

Perry Haley Brown                         

Terry Cass                                          

Lecia Hughes