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McMurry students present research summaries at ACU Conference

ABILENE, Texas – Four McMurry University students doing chemistry research this summer, supported by funding from the Welch Foundation, attended the first of a two day “mini-seminar” at ACU. McMurry students Amanda Genzling, Jonathan Urbanczyk, Nathan Worley, and Oluwatoyosi Adewunmi presented a summary of their research efforts thus far and answered questions from ACU students doing Welch funded research at their own institution.

According to Dr. Edward Donnay of the chemistry faculty, the experience was a lot like a graduate student seminar. A typical session includes a presentation from a researcher, a question and answer period, and some discussion about techniques or methods that might strengthen the results. In this case, the seminar was limited to two days, but all the students presented and received feedback.

“Students who have participated in research have consistently said that they found the experience to be very rewarding for pursuing their career,” said Dr. Hyunshun Shin of the chemistry faculty. “My students often mentioned that research experiences made them have more confidence and a sense of accomplishment [with respect to] gaining skills of presentation, writing papers and reports, a wider knowledge of the field, team work and networking/collaboration.”

Additional benefits include more attractive application packages for graduate schools or professional schools.