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McMurry University faculty members are participating in a new program to provide mentoring and support to all students needing some “faculty face time.”

Faculty FaceTime is a joint effort between the Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) and faculty members from McMurry’s School of Natural and Computational Sciences.

Full-time faculty members are voluntarily spending a portion of their office hours in the AEC as part of a regularly posted tutoring schedule. They are available to help any student (not just those in their classes) with the coursework in their content area or related coursework. This expert help is not limited to students in general education courses, but is one-on-one face time with faculty in upper level coursework as well.

The program is experiencing some real success, especially in the areas of chemistry and physics, and is another example of the personal touch offered at McMurry University.

“I know the professors have indicated that they are connecting with a lot more students outside of class since making themselves available in the AEC, rather than limiting their office hours to their private office,” said Rachael Bein, director of the AEC. “Students also have responded to the easier access to faculty. Many students come to the AEC for multiple subjects (math, English, and science) and having tutors and faculty available in one location helps students make more efficient use of the time they have available for studying.”

The faculty in the School of Natural and Computational Sciences are serious about engaging, connecting, and building relationships with our students. Faculty members participating in Faculty FaceTime this fall include Dr. Wayne Keith (Physics), the entire chemistry department (Drs. Ed Donnay, Paul Pyenta, Pam Veltkamp and Mrs. Glenda Bowden) and much of the math department (Drs. Mark Thornburg and Kathryn Flores, and instructors Roxanna Dita, Beth St. Jean, Tammy Werner and Jessica Rieger).