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Nathan Worley
Dr. Edward Donnay and Dr. Pam Velkamp, along with students Nathan Worley and Amanda Ginzling, attended the 67th Southwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Austin on Nov.10th.

Worley, a senior biochemistry major from Artesia, NM, presented a poster at the meeting titled “Chromium Polypyridyl Complexes Containing a Ligand with an Acidic Group” and describes the research work conducted over the past two summers with Dr. Donnay.

Dr. Veltkamp and Dr. Donnay attended symposia on chemical education and viewed a wide variety of posters. They spoke to many colleagues at other schools who struggle with low success rates in their General Chemistry courses to see what approaches they are trying in their classrooms to raise those success rates. Some of the information obtained will be used to improve the quality of instruction at McMurry University. They also talked with vendors for the latest scientific equipment and publishers of popular textbooks and homework systems.

Dr. Donnay made contacts with regional research groups that do related work to his research which may spur some type of collaboration in the future. The group attended a special talk given by the chemistry advisor to the TV show “Breaking Bad” and a series of demonstrations by a movie special effects coordinator. The link to the meeting is