McMurry ATPE Chapter Wins Local Unit of the Year

  Gary Ellison
  Tuesday, July 15, 2014 8:20 AM
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Abilene, TX

As the Association of Texas Professional Educators wrapped up their annual convention in Austin, McMurry's local organization was recognized for their commitment to public education through political involvement, furthering education and community service. 

Through their endeavors they became one of three university finalists up for an award along with Texas Women's University and Dallas Baptist University. After several years of being finalists in this category, McMurry was awarded ATPE's highest honor which will include $1,000 to help McMurry ATPE expand their reach and community service.

"With over twenty university local units across the state who are eligible for this award, McMurry ATPE went above and beyond to win. We were very excited to go up against two universities with memberships of over 500 students," said faculty sponsor Gae Lynn McInroe. "With our outstanding students and a membership of only 51, we are grateful for the help

 and opportunities given to us by Region 14, and Abilene ATPE to help promote furthering education and building relationships with the best teachers in field."

Traveling to the ATPE convention were Leah Morgan, Leah Doughty, Jenna Fahrney, Leslie Ward, Ashlee Chapman, and Chelsi Boswell along with sponsors Dr. Gae Lynn McInroe and Dr. Stephanie Scott. The convention included leadership training, professional development sessions, opportunities to be involved in the ATPE's political process as well as listening to current state candidates for governor and lieutenant governor. 

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