Dr. Robert W. Sledge Awarded for Distinguished Service to the United Methodist Church

  Gary Ellison
  Wednesday, October 29, 2014 2:17 PM
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Abilene, TX

The General Commission on Archives and History of the United Methodist presented its 2014 Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Robert W. Sledge, Distinguished Professor of History, Emeritus, at McMurry University.

The Commission gathered with friends and colleagues of Dr. Sledge to present an award given annually to person(s), group, institution, or church(es) who have made significant contributions to the “ministry of memory” of The United Methodist Church.  The award was presented at a banquet in Mead Hall on the Drew University campus.

Sledge was the first president of the Historical Society of the United Methodist Church and was a member of the Commission on Archives and History in the 1980s.  He is a leading authority on the Methodist Episcopal Church South. His publications include: Hands on the Ark: The Struggle for Change in the Methodist Episcopal Church 1914-1939 and “Five Dollars and Myself:” The History of Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.,” published in 2005. He is a frequent contributor to Methodist History, the Commission’s quarterly scholarly journal. In 1989, he was the founding president of the Historical Society of the United Methodist Church and now serves as coordinator of the society’s annual Saddlebag Selection award.

Sledge joins an eminent group of United Methodist scholars including: Frederick E. Maser (1991), Homer Calkin (1992), Frank Baker (1993), Frederick Norwood (1994), Edwin Schell (1995), Paul Milhouse (1996), Rosemary Skinner Keller (1997), Ole E. Borgen (1998), Richard P. Heitzenrater (1999), Thomas A. Langford (posthumously, 2000), Russell E. Richey (2001), Joe Hale (2002), Jean Miller Schmidt (2003), Justo L. Gonzalez (2004), Charles Yrigoyen, Jr. (2005), Patricia J. Thompson (2006), Karl Heinz Voigt and ST Kimbrough, Jr. (2007), K. James Stein (2008), and Bishop Forrest Stith (2009), Helmut Nausner (2010), Kenneth E. Rowe (2011),

the congregations of Historic St. George’s UM Church and Mother Bethel AME Church, Philadelphia, Pa., for their efforts to heal the wounds of the 1787-1792 racially charged schism (2012) and J. Gordon Melton (2013). 

Dr. Sledge attended the festivities with his wife Marjorie. He was presented by former Commission colleague Jean Traster and newly elected General Secretary Rev. Alfred T. Day, III.

He presented a paper entitled: “It All Depends Where You’re Coming From a reminder to historians that as much there is an attempt to do their work without bias, the places people come from, whether socially, geographically or theologically, influence their interpretations.

Dr. Robert Sledge

Dr. Robert Sledge poses with Jean Traster (right) and his wife Marjorie at the Distinguished Award Ceremony.

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