McMurry Pit Stop Is Great Success

  Gary Ellison
  Thursday, December 11, 2014 1:51 PM
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Abilene, TX

The McMurry Pit Stop was a great success again this semester because of the generosity of staff and faculty at McMurry.  Pit Stop volunteers check tire pressure, oil and wiper fluid levels and provide cookies, brownies, and other snacks, along with soft drinks and bottled water for the students’ trip home for the Christmas break.

“Our students expressed many times how grateful they were to us for going out of our way to assure their safe trip home,” said James Greer, director of Career Counseling at McMurry.  “We wanted to publicly thank those who gave of their time to give our students a positive ending of their semester.”

Those who signed up to work, provided goodies and drinks as well as those who helped with set-up included Keely Acklin, Jeanie Bone, Deann Curry, Steve Davis, Sarah Driskell, Jason Feltz, Jim Finley, Debbie Ford, James Greer, Ronda Hoelscher, Lecia Hughes, Jackie Jackson, Wayne Keith, McMurry Bookstore, McMurry Maintenance , Melanie Long, Cindy Martin, Liz Mayes, Judy Moore, Mark Odom, Rickey and Pug Parris, Jesse Potter, Susan Sabin, Annette Santana, Tim and  Jori Sechrist, Michelle Smith and Terry Young.

“Any of the non-perishable goodies we had left were taken to the friends closet to assist students in need,” said Greer.  “Perishable goodies were taken to the library, where they were quickly consumed by our students.”




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