News Media Policy

About McMurry University Marketing and Communications

McMurry University’s Marketing and Communications office serves as a liaison between the University and the news media. The office works with faculty, staff and students to promote to external media outstanding research, exceptional community outreach, innovative academic programs, major awards and recognitions, expert opinions and major events. Marketing and Communications issues all news releases on behalf of the University and helps to coordinate media requests to visit campus or interview faculty and staff about their work.

Working with Marketing and Communications

If you are interested in submitting opinion articles to a media organization, Marketing and Communications will assist you in placement.

For promotion of an event, please contact the office at least three weeks prior to the event. Waiting until the day of an event does not give reporters and editors enough time to plan for coverage.

Please include the time, date and location of an activity for which you are seeking coverage. Also, have the name and contact information for the person who will speak on behalf of the organization or office hosting the event.

When contacting Marketing and Communications, feel free to suggest names of publications that cover topics relevant to the research or event you would like to publicize.

For the Media

Media representatives are expected to observe parking and other regulations.

Access to all residence halls is strictly prohibited without prior permission of Marketing and Communications.

Entry to classrooms, offices and other University property by news media must be arranged in advance with Marketing and Communications. Marketing and Communications staff will gain permission of occupants of the respective offices or professors in charge of a class.

The following activities are restricted and require permission. Please contact Marketing and Communications for the following:

  • Still and video photography on campus from which images will be used for commercial profit or distribution, or any use other than reporting for an accredited news media outlet.
  • The campus may not be used for advocacy of political positions or candidacies.
  • Emergency situations may require that these regulations and policies be suspended or altered.

Please refer all media contacts about matters concerning University policy or procedures to Media Relations. For questions about this policy, please contact Robin Daniels, Vice President of Marketing and Communication, at 325-793-4601.

Marketing and Communications Policy


  • to ensure consistency in communications with news media from across the University;
  • to help maintain the high level of credibility the University enjoys in its dealings with the media; and
  • to protect the reputation of the University, its students and employees.


Stories about people and projects in the news media can illuminate the University’s educational mission, advancing communications strategies designed to raise awareness by the public of the intellectual and cultural resources on campus and of opportunities to be engaged in the life of the University. The news media also are important conduits of news and information during crisis and emergencies. The University values its relationships with the news media and recognizes the value of engaging reporters, editors, broadcasters, and Internet content providers in communicating about the University to mass audiences.

The Office of Marketing and Communications is the chief point of contact between the University and the news media, and may be reached at ext. 4610. Through its media relations services, the Office seeks to serve the University’s purpose statement by providing honest, timely and useful information to all its internal and external stakeholders and audiences, and by helping the university understand, anticipate, and manage its environment.


The Office of Marketing and Communications assists journalists with inquiries about the University and provides counsel to faculty, staff, and students in managing and working with the news media. All inquiries from the media should as a matter of course be directed or reported to Marketing and Communications. In most cases, the Office will recommend a spokesperson to speak on behalf of specific issues or news. For example, subject to their availability and interest, faculty members may be asked to serve as expert sources for news stories relating to the faculty member’s academic area of expertise.

In some cases, typically crises and other sensitive issues, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications, or his designee, serves as the University spokesperson and is responsible for speaking on behalf of the University.

Likewise, all outreach to the news media in the form of press releases, press advisories, pitch letters and other vehicles shall be managed by the Office of Marketing and Communications.